Discounts available if purchased with cryptocurrencies, email us to find out more!
Discounts available if purchased with cryptocurrencies, email us to find out more!
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The KeepKey is a elegantly designed hardware wallet that’s easy to setup and has a plethora of security features to safeguard your crypto assets from malicious attacks. It’s large screen clearly displays your crypto asset balances and transaction details before you sign on any transactions. This will limit the errors that may occur on devices that have smaller screens. With ShapeShift recently acquiring KeepKey, you may exchange crypto assets directly on the device using the KeepKey chrome extension.

Security Features

  • 12 word recovery seed enabling you to recovery your private keys on any wallets that supports BIP39 and BIP44.
  • Advanced passphrase feature adds an extra layer of security to safeguard your recovery sentence. You may create multiple passphrases making it increasingly difficult for hackers with your recovery sentence to gain access to your crypto assets.
  • KeepKey uses a limited protocol to communicate with the computer it’s connected to. Private keys are only stored in the KeepKey and never leaves the device.
  • Pin protection is an optional security feature offered during the setup phase. This prevents unauthorized users from viewing your balance and transacting on your behalf.
  • Each transaction must be manually approved by using the KeepKey’s confirmation button
  • During the event of an update, the private keys are deleted from the device’s flash memory and only restored after the firmware upgrade is officially confirmed and signed by KeepKey LLC.

Supported Coins


Supported Wallets





What’s in the box?

  • KeepKey
  • Woven Nylon USB Cable
  • Recover Sentence Backup Card

Setup and Tutorial 

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